Montag, 16. Februar 2015

WWIIHWA Ambiente v4.04 online !


-New: Compatibility with WoT client 0.9.6
-New: Changed any GUI Sounds

Online ~21.00 (UTC+1)


  1. Hi Krieg :)
    Can you tell which gui sounds have you changed? Or if i don't understand something... because i checked gui.fev and all sounds are the same as previous version. And again in battle timer wrong sound for 30secs.. but that's no problem for me ;-)

    Thx for update ;)

  2. Sound changed by changing tanks. You hear now an engine if you click on a tank in the carousel.

    1. Hallo KT,
      wie kann ich das denn abstellen?
      Finde das Geräusch ehrlich gesagt etwas störend.

  3. Hi,

    I've a bug in the hangar, impossible to see my panzer, all is black ! Weird.... launch a battle and all is OK. After the battle, return to the hangar and still the same, all menus are ok all around the screen but the center is all black, just can see my panzer as a shadow. And by the way, uncut version doesn't exist anymore ?
    Thanks for your work ! ;)