Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

Minipatch fixes (15.04.2015) online !

Die Fixes für das Ambiente sind online. Kompatibel mit allen Clustern !

Gruss, KT


  1. hey KT, many thanks :) i was very close with "my fix", looks like i was missing only the stickers pyc file... too bad i can not do the python code :(

  2. Bei mir schließt sich WoT, wenn der Ladebalken voll ist. Kann mir jemand weiter helfen? Ich habe Turret,Gun, Hit und Engines Sounds installiert. Auserdem Ambiente_Retail_Full und den Minipatch_15_04_2015_Fix.

  3. hey KT, looks like wg released the grandfinal garage - but the camera position of the vehicle is screwed, the camera is fixed somewhere in the middle of the tank. you can rotate but not zoom out, so i believe the cam_dist_constr is wrong... should be definitely more than starting distance, right?

    1. You can find the fix for this problem here:

      Greetings, KT