Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

WWIIHWA Ambiente 4.08 Test online!

so ich hab mal das Ambiente light 4.08 TEST hochgeladen.
hoffe der Battletimer läuft. Wäre schön wenn ihr mal drauf achtet.
Die Funktion der BasecapeSirene läuft noch nicht. hab erst mal ne "Krücke" gebaut" also bitte in der XML noch nichts ändern

Ansonsten bitte Fehler melden


  1. Jupp, Musik kannst du aus 9.8 nehmen. Ist ausserdem so klein, weil der influx Ordner fehlt. Hangar machen alle probleme.

  2. Budy, where is now the configuration for music in hangar located? it used to be in music_events.xml. i was using the ALL NATIONS option, but i do not know where to configurate it :D


    1. hm, found it - in WWIIHWA.xml, but you removed it from the fev banks? why so?

    2. Hi, not in Music_events.xml. Hangar_music Change to WWIIHWA.xml /WWIIHWA_ambiente/lobby/de SPEECH

    3. is only a trial, at the weekend the music is back. But you can take the music of 9.8
      i have Trouble with BaseCapesirene

    4. already got the music running :) yeah, i see there are errors in python log related to the siren...

      btw., will there be the "old" WWIIHWA loading screen available? and the "loading wheel in garage" in the old style too? cause not all users are german :D i know i can use old swf files from KT, just asking...

      oh, and the config tool? so far i am able to change everything to EN by changing files directly, but it is possible i have missed something...

    5. hey DarthWanderer,

      the "old" battleloadingScreen and the swf Files s work under 9.9

    6. the siren will be hard, the functions have been shifted and changed from the in another file

  3. Schön das Du weiter machst, Daumen hoch.
    Aber mal ´ne Frage: wo ist die Configuaration?
    Gruß ralf

  4. Der Konfigurator kommt bei FULL Ambiente, da bei light ja etliche Sachen fehlen